Meet The Cast

Read about the actors who played the roles of "Gangsters" and "Agents"

Main Characters

Benito Vazquez as Michael Caporale


Born August 2nd 1970 Waterbury CT. Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 190lbs Past Charges: Conspiracy to defraud Extortion Aggravated assault Robbery

Actor: Half Italian/ Puerto Rican actor from CT, Benito won the role of Michael Caporale at first audition. A natural for the lead role, Benito takes his acting skills to the independent screen to portray the young up-n-coming gangster, Michael, in Holyland The Movie.


Michael Eck as Agent Paul Conant


Mike has been an actor on the CT circuit for several years. He landed a leading role in the Investigative Discovery Channels "I Married a Mobster" playing Angelo Nicosia. Mike has also been in several independent films such as "Going Home" and "Plato's Reality Machine". He brings a depth to his character which goes head-to-head with Benito Vazquez's portrayal of Michael Caporale.


Kevin Derouin as Connor McGrail


Connor McGrail- Born Sept 19th 1969 Waterbury, CT. Height: 6’ 4’” Weight: 360lbs Past Charges: Robbery 1st Degree Assault Kidnapping Extortion Possession of Narcotics

Actor: Born and raised in Waterbury CT, Kevin started his acting career as Rodeo Joe in "The Invisible Circle". Since then he has been in a number of productions such as "Going Home" and "Burial Boys" as well as done cameos in music videos for independent rock bands. Kevin's screen presence has made him a staple in all Brass Casket Ent productions.



Marc DiPietro as Joey Mazziconi


Joey Mazziconi- Born July 6th 1971 Waterbury CT. Height: 5’6” Weight: 170lbs Past Charges: Grand Theft Auto Larceny 3rd Degree Assault Arson

Actor: Another Waterbury native, Marc first jumped in front of the camera in a small role in "The Invisible Circle". Marc is a tattoo artist by profession and has gained notoriety as one of Naugatuck Valley's premier tattoo artist over the past 15 years. He plays a supporting role in Holyland The Movie as a gangster loyal to the Mob in Waterbury CT. Marc currently lives in Waterbury with his wife and three children..


Pete Muccino as Paulie Mancini


Paulie Mancini- Born January 20th 1970 Waterbury CT Height: 6’0” Weight: 280 lbs Past Charges: Robbery 2nd Degree Assault 1st Degree Reckless Injury Possession of Narcotics

Actor: One of Brass Casket Entertainments regulars, Pete first got his start in the film industry in the short film "The Invisible Circle" and then appeared in the independent feature film "Burial Boys". Pete was born and raised in Waterbury CT and takes on the role of Paulie Mancini, the main roles right-hand man. Petes performance in Holyland The movie is a stand-out mixed with both humor and tragedy.


Lawrence Mc Cants as Alphonse Mason


Alphonse Mason- Born April 13th 1967 Waterbury CT. Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 175lbs Past Charges: Extortion Larceny Embezzlement

Actor: Seasoned actor born in Brooklyn NY and raised in Queens, Lawrence resides in Bridgeport CT and has been in such feature films as "American Gangster", "Salt", and "Ghost Town". Lawrence has also done theatre and television over the years and has found his way on tv hits such as "Are We There Yet", "The Usuals", and "Law & Order". Lawrence met Myles DuBay at a film mixer in 2007 and has since been on the Brass Casket Ent team.


Paul Baker as Agent Charlie Tanks


Paul Baker: This is Paul's first go at acting and he has taken to it like a pro. He steps into the picture as the team of feds' go-to surveillance tech and inadvertently gives balance to the crew as to make sure emotions dont run too high as they frustratingly chase the city's worst criminals. Paul was born and raised in CT which is where he currently resides with his wife and family.


Frank Marcella as Agent Steve Morris


Frank is a Waterbury resident and although new to the big screen, he is a natural to play the role of Agent Morris. He fits perfectly with the ensemble cast of C-10, the team of Feds sent out to take down Caporale's crew.



Phil Godeck as Agent Gary Campbell


Phil Godeck: A founding member of the Veterans' Memorial Theatre Company, Phil has starred in several independent films on the East Coast such as "Mind Morgue", "The Limb Collector", and co-starring in "If I'm Waiting". Phil joins the cast as a federal agent looking to put a stop to the mobs reign in Waterbury.

Myles DuBay as writer and director


His first stab at movies was a short black and white film in 2007 and has then taken on the directing of music videos for rock and hip hop acts in the Waterbury area. He has written and published his first novel entitled "Damian Storm" and writes the scripts for all Brass Casket Ent productions. Myles' search for local talent increases every year as he is always looking for independent musicians, actors, photographers, ect.

Movie Credits

Allen LovejoyExecutive
Steve SantoroExecutive
Troy Morris
Tom Fusco Special Effects Coordinatoremail
Alonzo CrowderProduction Assistant Add info here
Rich JonesProduction AssistantAdd info here